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Pregnancy back pain is a common problem and is not something that should catch you off-guard. There are many factors that contribute to the strain on a pregnant woman’s back. Carrying extra baby weight causes a shift in balance. In fact, a majority of pregnant women may experience back pain, however there are many ways you can safely treat and even prevent pregnancy-induced back pain. Here are some coping mechanisms to help you have a comfortable pregnancy:

Maintain Good Posture

  • Stand up tall and straight
  • Keep your chest high
  • Hold your shoulders back and relaxed
  • Do not keep your knees locked

Use a Support Belt

You may want to use a maternity support belt. These elastic bands are worn under the clothes and help cradle your pregnant belly. Actual evidence for the effectiveness of these belts are slim, but there are many women who claim it helps support the baby better.

Sleep on Your Side

Sleeping on your side can be a lot more comfortable when you are pregnant. You do not want that extra weight pushing straight down on your spine at night. Keep one or both knees bent, perhaps with a pillow between them to provide better support.

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