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Nothing is as personal as the treatment from your obstetrician or gynecologist, and we understand how important it is for your reproductive health to be in hands you trust. All patients of Dr. Ayalon receive the special care and attention of the doctor himself, and not just from nurse practitioners during your respective treatment. To keep services affordable for you, we provide:

Family Pact reproductive health insurance that makes your visits cost-free, which allows us to offer you free lab testing, STD screenings and treatment, basic gynecological examinations and pregnancy planning to make reproductive healthcare accessible to you. Call our office to see if you are qualified to receive these free services.

What is Family Pact?
Family Pact is a program provided by the state of California for qualifying women, created to help you take charge of your family planning. Among the many treatments, the Family Pact program aims to help prevent unplanned pregnancies through providing education about birth control methods, as well as, maintaining your reproductive health when you are ready for a baby, and making treatment and counseling more readily available to you.

Why Should I Enroll?
Resources for family planning, STD prevention and treatments should be available to all who need it. We believe that our patients’ health is priceless and no one should hesitate to see their doctor because of the cost of a visit.
Family Pact is designed to help those who do not have medical insurance. If you are not eligible for health insurance, MediCal, or if your insurance does not cover family planning you may be eligible to enroll.

Once eligibility is determined, enrollment in the program is quick and only requires filling out a two-page form. Family Pact not only makes basic gynecological services free for you, its coverage also extends to some pharmacies, helping you save more money while keeping yourself safe and healthy.

Call us today to schedule a visit and check to see if you are eligible to enroll for free reproductive healthcare.
The cost of healthcare should never discourage you from seeing your doctor, receiving the best in medical attention, and living a life of optimal health; Family Pact makes Dr. Ayalon’s comprehensive services free to you, so take charge of your reproductive health today-give us a call and see how you can benefit from enrolling in Family Pact.

Call today to see if you are eligible to enroll for free Family Pact services.

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