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We provide our services through Medicare, the federal health care program for adults 65 and older as well as people under 65 with certain disabilities. Those eligible for Medicare may qualify for parts A, B, or D. Part  A  covers hospitalization, Part B covers doctors, and Part D covers medication. Medicare health plans will help cover hospitalization, outpatient services, some screening, testing, doctors, and even prescription medication. Some health plans offered through the program provide dental, visual, and hearing coverage.

When you are 65 years old you are eligible and are provided a seven month period to enroll starting three months before the month of your eligibility date (the month of your birth date) and ending the third month after the month of eligibility date. If you do not sign up during this initial enrollment period you may sign up any time between January 1 and March 31 each year and coverage will begin in July. Late enrollment may incur a higher premium. Those currently covered by a group plan may be allowed a special enrollment period.

Even those who do have insurance may be eligible for Medicare. Visit the website or call our office at (818) 654-9312 to learn more about eligibility requirements, coverage, and how to enroll.