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Scheduling your annual gynecology exam is an important part of every woman’s yearly health planning.  With an annual exam, your doctor is able to detect any issues early and help you navigate your unique medical situation.

What to Expect During Your Exam

Women go through several stages throughout their lives, each with their own unique medical concerns. From menstrual problems in adolescence to menopause, it’s important that women can visit a trusted and skilled gynecologist at any time. Dr. Roy Ayalon is an experienced and accomplished doctor, providing a large variety of gynecologic services for women of all ages.

Dr. Ayalon provides all of his expert medical care with compassion and sensitivity. He gets to know each of his patients personally and will take the time to answer each of your questions with simple and straightforward explanations. You are guaranteed that every visit to Dr. Ayalon’s office will mean you will receive care from the same committed and trusted OB/GYN you’re used to seeing.

Schedule Your Appointment

To start your new year off well, schedule your appointment with your gynecologist in Tarzana CA today!