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Women who wish to prevent pregnancy can do so using a variety of birth control methods. Forms of contraception include over-the-counter and prescription products, behavioral methods, and permanent procedures. Dr. Ayalon has a complete understanding of all of these forms of birth control and can help decide which methods are best for you.

Condoms are perhaps the most common form of birth control. Condoms act as barriers that keep sperm from reaching an egg. Both males and females can wear condoms, but each type is different. Male condoms are worn over the penis before intercourse begins. Female condoms are placed in the vagina with a ring extending outside of the opening. Condoms may also help prevent STDs.

Birth control pills are available through prescription only. These control the hormone levels. Some prevent women from releasing an egg, while others thicken cervical mucus, preventing sperm from reaching an egg. These pills must be taken daily and they do not protect against STDs.

NuvaRing is a product that is inserted in the vagina and kept there for three weeks at a time. It releases artificial estrogen and progesterin, which prevents pregnancy. The “Patch” is also worn for three weeks a month and releases hormones over time. It is placed on the body and left there to prevent pregnancy. Intrauterine devices affect sperm movement and keep them from reaching an egg. These T-shaped plastic devices must be placed and removed by Dr. Ayalon, but are effective for many years.

Permanent procedures can be performed on men and women who have decided to not have a child. Vasectomies are performed on men to prevent sperm from being released in semen, preventing pregnancy. It is a simple and safe surgery that does not lower masculinity, sexual performance, or pleasure.

Tubal ligation is similar to vasectomies, but will prevent eggs from contacting sperm by closing off the fallopian tubes. The surgery will not alter your periods, hormone levels, or sexual response. Essure is another form of permanent sterilization for women. Essure uses small coils that form a barrier in the fallopian tubes that prevents sperm from reaching an egg.

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