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Just because you have failed to become pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you should take infertility medication. There are many techniques you can use at home to help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Timing can be very important when trying to have a baby. The best times to try to become pregnant are one to two days before you ovulate. Since sperm can survive for up to five days in a woman’s body, you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant by having frequent sex about three days before ovulation through two to three days after you have ovulated.

Cycles do vary in length and can often be irregular or miscalculated. Dr. Ayalon can help you determine when you are ovulating and can chart the best days of the month to try to become pregnant.

Other techniques to try include:

Lying down after sex. If you lie in bed for at least a few minutes after intercourse, you will give the sperm a better chance to swim upstream. Avoid using the bathroom for a few minutes after sex, as well.

Creating a safe environment for sperm. Sperm can die off easily before reaching an egg if the normal acidity of the vagina has been altered. Avoid vaginal sprays, artificial lubricants, scented tampons, and douching.

Releasing your stress. Stress can actually interfere with becoming pregnant. If work has been keeping you tense, try yoga, meditation, long walks, writing in a journal, or simply holding hands with your partner to lower stress.

Maintaining a healthy weight. Weighing too much or too little can disrupt ovulation and affect reproductive hormones. Try to maintain a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9.