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postpartum depression


With the rise in understanding of postpartum depression, it is a positive step in offering mothers the necessary support to heal emotionally and physically after having a baby.  For mothers who find themselves feeling overwhelmed or anxious,  it is essential for them to know what they are experiencing is completely normal.  By visiting your OBGYN in Tarzana CA, you can identify if what you are feeling is postpartum depression and what steps you need to take to get the help necessary to begin to feel more like yourself and bond with your child.

Common Signs of Postpartum Depression

Women suffering from postpartum depression might be easily agitated, restless, feel worthless or guilty, are unable to enjoy most activities, and may even have thoughts of death or suicide. Symptoms will vary, with some women worrying excessively about their baby while others show little interest in them. In severe cases, some mothers feel urges to hurt their baby, but this is very rare and these feelings are almost never acted upon. Generally, symptoms are persistent and cause you to feel negative about your baby or your life situation after delivery.

Common Causes of Postpartum Depression

If you are pregnant and any of these apply to you, remember that stress from these scenarios can play a part in postpartum depression:

• Having depression or bipolar disorder before pregnancy
• Having mixed feelings about the pregnancy
• Abusing alcohol, illegal substances, or smoking during pregnancy
(this behavior is harmful to your baby and should not continue during or after pregnancy)

• Being a single mother or having a weak relationship with your partner
• Experiencing complications during delivery

The most important thing to remember when experiencing postpartum depression is that you are not alone.  You have your family, your doctor, and other medical professionals who can help you through this time. We encourage all our patients who think they may be experiencing symptoms of depression to schedule an appointment with your OBGYN in Tarzana.